Atom 50

Anthropomorphic 6 axis multipurpose robot, 50kg. maximum load.

Offers great performances thanks to its mechanical structure made of magnesium alloy and integrated zero backlash adaptors.

Thanks to its great agility, and because it does not have any balancing components, it reaches even the most extreme positions.

Its 6 brushless servomotors, all equipped with a safety brake and absolute resolvers, ensure high acceleration, safety and reliability.

Suitable for:


- Assembly

- Manipulation

- Loading / unloading machines

- Welding

- Painting

- Bonding

- Deburring

- Applications with artificial vision


- Connection cables of various lengths

- Pedestal of various heights

- Closed circuit chiller

- Internal PC for artificial vision

- Kit for external axes

- CAD interface

- Welding set up kit

- I / O expansion kit

- Software versions for welding, viewing and contouring


Download technical sheet